Products Liability & Torts

Using the Science and Technology Behind the Product

Our products liability and tort attorneys have a combination of intelligence, tenacity, work ethic and strategic thinking that has led to successfully defending companies in some of the largest products and mass torts litigation in the country. We have the ability to not only quickly identify and grasp the key legal issues in our cases, but to understand and use the science and technology behind the products to posture our cases for a successful defense. Our team consists of attorneys licensed in multiple states and we defend our clients in courts across the country. From opioids to infant formula to chemicals and consumer products, we have been able to obtain favorable results for our clients.

From Individual Catastrophic Cases to Class Actions and MDLs

Our team handles a wide variety of complex mass tort litigation, MDLs (multi-district litigations), and class actions, as well as serious individual suits alleging personal injury and/or economic loss against manufacturers. We assist our clients with recalls, product withdrawals and regulatory actions with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal and state agencies. Our attorneys frequently counsel clients related to warranties, contracts, indemnities and insurance coverage for products liability claims, the Consumer Protection Act, and internal investigations.

Diverse Industry Experience

The cases we handle for manufacturers cross all industry groups, including:

  • Asbestos
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Children’s and infants’ products
  • Consumer products
  • Electronic devices
  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing products
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications
 Aggressive Pursuit of Clients’ Interests

Our attorneys are ready to aggressively pursue our clients’ interests. We use discovery to locate favorable arguments within documents and testimony and have had great success in getting cases dismissed early or granted summary judgment as a result. When appropriate, we utilize these tools to posture cases for an early and favorable settlement. As experienced trial lawyers in addition to litigators, we are prepared to take the case all the way to trial when necessary. At the same time, we recognize the importance of early attempts to resolve litigation, through mediation or otherwise, and are adept at employing all methods of alternative dispute resolution to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our attorneys serve as national counsel, discovery counsel, expert counsel, regional counsel, and local counsel. We are experienced at working with regional and national counsel in order to fashion a global strategy for the resolution of multiple cases involving the same product.

Success in Every Forum

We are strong communicators, both with the courts and our clients. We use oral argument at both the trial court and appellate court levels to effectively advocate our clients’ positions within the bounds of the law. We keep our clients informed according to the level of communication they request so that they can keep their decision makers well-informed.

From successfully arguing in the first ever Tennessee Supreme Court Zoom hearing to arguing before the Sixth Circuit or the local trial court in a rural jurisdiction, we have experience in a multitude of courts across the country.

Allison Wiseman Acker
Garrah Carter-Mason
Shayne R. Clinton
John W. Dawson IV
Margaret Dodson
Jeremy  A. Gunn
Gene L. Humphreys
Courtney A. Hunter
Sarah B. Miller
Sara K. Morgan
Jonathan E. Nelson
Hannah E. Webber
Jessalyn H. Zeigler