Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Jessie Zeigler was the featured member spotlight for a recent Q&A with The Trial Network. Jessie has been an active member of The Trial Network for more than 10 years and served as chair of the organization in 2017. The Q&A covered an overview of Jessie’s career and some case highlights from her career, the impact of the pandemic on the legal industry, and her experience with The Trial Network.

Jessie discussed her incredible track record and talked about how she helps her clients, saying “When I get a case, I put myself in my client’s shoes and handle the case as though I have been sued. I try to manage expenses as though I have to pay those bills. In other words, when litigation becomes expensive, I respond as if it’s my own money on the line. I focus on winning more quickly and less expensively. I gather all the information needed and leverage depositions to knock out the opponent’s claims. For example, the opposing party once admitted she was perjuring herself during the deposition to gain an advantage, so I got the case dismissed. Other times, I bring dispositive motions that get to a win sooner or at least to secure wins on key issues.”

When asked about her experience in The Trial Network, Jessie said, “I’ve been in the Network for more than 10 years. It took a good three or four years to build strong relationships, and now some of my dearest friends are part of this network. We refer work to one another whenever we can, and most of all, we enjoy being with each other at meetings and presenting CLE sessions together, and we serve as resources for one another … The Network has been invaluable from the indirect standpoint of simply helping each other, and directly from referrals. I’ve received some of my best referrals from the Trial Network.”

She specifically highlighted a case related to defending a tree service company against $45 million in claims related to the 2016 Gatlinburg, Tennessee fires that was a referral from a Trial Network firm.

The full Q&A is available here. The Trial Network is a not-for-profit association of independent trial law firms in the U.S. and Canada. Visit The Trial Network’s website for more details about the organization.