Bass, Berry and Sims attorneys Courtney Hunter and Jessie Zeigler authored an article for Cannabis Business Executive examining the growing demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products and the need for comprehensive federal regulation of the industry. The authors discussed the benefits of federal regulations for manufacturers and distributors, such as reducing legal exposure, avoiding lawsuits, and increasing safety and efficiency.

The attorneys noted a lack of clarity and ambiguity in the law due to the absence of federal regulations has led to lawsuits and confusion among consumers. The article also explored the inactivity of federal agencies in implementing a regulatory scheme and the emergence of a varied regulatory landscape across multiple states.

Courtney and Jessie concluded by stressing the role of state regulations in the interim period, highlighting the importance of paying close attention to these various local laws until the federal government implements comprehensive regulations.

“Unless and until the federal government implements a comprehensive regulatory scheme, it will continue to be imperative for industry stakeholders to pay close attention to how each state approaches regulation,” recommended the authors.

The full article, “Patchwork Regulation of CBD Products Continues Despite Rise in Demand,” was published on April 24 by Cannabis Business Executive and is available online..