Client Value & Strategic Pricing

Centered to Deliver®

Values & Value

At Bass, Berry & Sims we continually strive to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the clients we serve. A majority of our clients have been with the firm 10 or more years, and we believe this loyalty is a result of providing on-point legal advice and creating and nurturing authentic relationships that enable us to know and share in our clients’ ambitions, better anticipate their needs, create efficiencies, and share risk – all of which translates into value.

Listening & Responding

Providing exceptional client service is a top priority of the firm. This mandate is embodied by the Client Experience Initiative (CEI), a systematic approach to institutionalizing behaviors that lead to client satisfaction and client advocacy. As part of the CEI, Bass, Berry & Sims launched a comprehensive satisfaction study to actively seek feedback from our clients on a regular basis to ensure we are exceeding their expectations. Additionally, we created a Client Advisory Panel tasked with providing guidance on management decisions and strategic direction of the firm. These forums provide opportunities for our clients’ voices to be heard and impact the decisions we make.

Part of ensuring we meet client expectations is our proactive endeavor to provide our services at a cost that is commensurate with the value we deliver. A component of the CEI aimed at achieving this goal is the establishment of a formal pricing and project management department. The leadership of this department is tasked with working with our clients and partners to provide efficiency, transparency and value, and to leverage new tools and processes to maximize our effectiveness.

Centered to Deliver®

We work with clients to carefully define scopes of work and create fee arrangements that offer solutions beyond the billable hour. Our fee arrangements can be customized to fit the needs of individual clients to provide predictable and consistent value throughout the scope of a project or matter. Whether clients are looking to leverage in-house resources or rely solely on outside counsel, our team is ready to discuss the nature and scope of work required and develop fee structures that maximize value. We highly value these conversations as they refine mutual expectations and further illuminate the ways we can best serve our clients.

Bass, Berry & Sims offers a variety of fee arrangements including fixed fees (with any number of variations customized to respond to client priorities), contingency fees (particularly effective in instances where clients value risk sharing) and retainer arrangements. In addition, we use sophisticated matter planning software and technology to create and track our fee arrangements and industry-leading legal project management (LPM) techniques and software to manage the way we perform and deliver our work. All of these options and components are designed to conform to legal department budgets and provide maximum value to our clients.

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