About Us

Collaborative. Agile. Tenacious.

At Bass, Berry & Sims, delivering exceptional work is a critical part of what makes us successful. We stand apart because we all respect the contributions that our people make to the firm. We create an inclusive environment where everyone can do complex work and give their all while being themselves, irrespective of role or background. Leaving a legacy for future generations matters to us, so we always go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Our Core Attributes

Mutual Expectations Charter

What Our Clients are Saying

  • “A source praises the firm for its ‘very talented lawyers,’ and adds that it is ‘as good as any firm I have worked with nationally.'” (from Chambers USA 2021, Bankruptcy/Restructuring Practice Profile)
  • “The firm gives good value and they are very good lawyers. They have both experience and expertise.” (from Chambers USA 2020, Intellectual Property Practice Profile)
  • “The firm is one of the best I have worked with in my entire career. Their technical expertise and ability to communicate some extremely complicated things is outstanding.” (from Chambers USA 2019, Corporate/M&A Practice Profile)
  • “They are our go-to firm for pretty much anything. Their responsiveness and customer service is absolutely excellent, the best I have worked with. I have them on speed dial.” (from Chambers USA 2018, Healthcare Practice Profile)
  • “The team is praised for its high-level of expertise and professionalism, as well as its combination of good legal expertise and understanding of the business matters at hand.” (from Chambers USA 2017, Banking & Finance Practice Profile)
  • “Excellent, one of the best in the country.” (from Chambers USA 2016, Environment Practice Profile)
  • “The firm’s performance was outstanding. I’d put them up there with the big firms globally – some of the finest attorneys I’ve seen.” (from Chambers USA 2015, Corporate/M&A Practice Profile)
  • “The team is very knowledgeable and very intelligent – they can foresee potential pitfalls and issues a long time before they come up.” (from Chambers USA 2014, Real Estate Practice Profile)
  • “They consistently provide great quality product at a reasonable price. Very caring and professional in their relationships, work ethic and commitment.” (from Chambers USA 2013, Labor & Employment Practice Profile)
  • “If I were picking out the best firms around, I’d always start with Bass, Berry & Sims.” (from Chambers USA 2012, Litigation Practice Profile)