Join Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Brian Irving, Hannah Choate and Garrah Carter-Mason for a webinar discussing “Legal Insights on Diversion: DEA Regulatory Updates, Government Enforcement Trends, and Lessons for Diversion Prevention Teams”. The panel will provide an update on recent regulatory changes, new rules and new guidance issued by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and discuss how those changes affect healthcare facilities.

The panel will address government enforcement trends and priorities that affect healthcare facilities by discussing recent government enforcement actions and settlements and by sharing insights from our experience as outside counsel representing healthcare facilities in diversion events and enforcement matters. In addition, it will discuss how facility anti-diversion teams can use this information to improve their internal processes and in interactions with senior leadership and legal departments. It will close by providing additional best practices for responding to diversion events and DEA inspections.

For registration details and additional information, please visit the IHFDA website.