Counterfeit products are everywhere – from spirits to luxury watches to electronics – and every year they cost brand owners billions of dollars.  In fact, one government spokesperson estimated that counterfeit goods cost the global economy an estimated $250 billion each year. The cost to a brand is immeasurable; when there is risk to consumer health, it exponentially compounds the problem.  Consequently, counterfeiting must be swiftly and adequately addressed to minimize harm to both the consumer and the brand. In addition, the sale of counterfeit goods over the internet – and the ability of infringers to move from one site to another through quick and easy domain name changes –  makes it imperative that a brand owner have a plan in place to immediately stop the flow of counterfeit goods.

Our group combines extensive legal experience and technical knowledge to help clients successfully address the complex challenges posed by counterfeiters. We provide a full range of anti-counterfeiting strategies and enforcement services that result in worldwide brand protection.  Specifically, our team is sensitive to each client’s budget, goals and litigation tolerance, and customizes an efficient, affordable and effective program for global brand protection.

Generally, counterfeit activities are clustered in distinct geographic areas. Working closely with our clients, we create, customize and implement effective anti-counterfeiting strategies and design a campaign tailored to local jurisdictional requirements.

We also work closely with global law enforcement agencies. We regularly record client’s registrations with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and with customs services in other jurisdictions, and assist those agencies when suspected counterfeit products are detected. We work with other government agencies to take action against counterfeiters, offering information and evidence to facilitate raids, and to obtain indictments and convictions.

The internet plays an increasing role in distribution of counterfeit products. Our group is experienced in online enforcement of intellectual property rights, and offers comprehensive and cost-effective takedown services for websites selling counterfeit goods. With our trusted network of legal affiliates, we can address online issues anywhere they occur.

Our anti-counterfeiting services include:

  • Recording registered trademarks with customs agencies around the world.
  • Training customs officials and other law enforcement authorities to recognize fake products.
  • Directing investigations of counterfeiters to collect necessary evidence as required in that jurisdiction to support legal action against the counterfeiter.
  • Working with global law enforcement agencies to conduct raids resulting in the seizure of counterfeit products and indictments and convictions.
  • Litigating against counterfeiters in U.S. federal courts and overseas.
  • Resolving internet issues, including initiating ACPA actions to stop the sale of counterfeit goods online.
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