Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Michael Cottone and Steve Jasper will serve as presenters at the 2019 Sales Tax Symposium presented by The Institute for Professionals in Taxation. The symposium will take a deep dive into the topics that are top of mind for sales and use tax professionals, delivered by experts who will provide best practices and alternate work strategies.

Michael’s session titled, “NEW Funky Taxes – Weird Taxes You Have to Hear to Believe,” will identify examples of the types of taxes that aren’t taught from a textbook, but rather experienced first-hand. Steve’s session titled, “Federal Limitations on State and Local Taxation of the New Economy,” will address the federal constraints imposed on states as they attempt to expand their tax bases to reach digital transactions and products, the sharing economy, and other developing technologies.

The 2019 Sales Tax Symposium will be held September 22-25, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.