Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Curtis Capeling and Wesley McCulloch authored an article for Today’s General Counsel outlining considerations when negotiating an artificial intelligence (AI) contract to help maximize value and reduce risk. Some of the questions to ask during negotiations that the authors mention include:

  • What decisions will AI help you make?
  • How will you satisfy your compliance obligations?
  • Who will provide and own the AI training data?
  • If AI processes personal, healthcare, financial or other sensitive information, how will you and your AI vendor comply with current and pending privacy law?
  • What IP and proprietary rights do you expect to own or grant in data, AI output, and (if the AI is not static) AI evolutions?’

The full article, “How to Negotiate an AI Contract to Maximize Value, Reduce Risk,” was published on October 3 by Today’s General Counsel and is available online.