In a July 21 article, the Nashville Business Journal recapped the Mid-South Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Capital Connection Conference that was held in Nashville in May 2022. This annual event brings together U.S. middle-market private equity investors, investment bankers and other M&A professionals to discuss the market, industry trends and a round of M&A “speed dating.”

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Tatjana Paterno – chair of the 2022 event and current incoming president of ACG –  provided insight for the article about the conference and the mood of the investment community. In general, Tatjana said the conference attendees were “overall optimistic” about the market despite the economic uncertainty. She added, “Right now, [Bass, Berry and Sims’] pipeline looks very strong, we are seeing a little price pressure … causing some buyers to drag their feet a little bit.”

Tatjana recommended that sellers should “Get the deal done quickly. People still have capital, and [buyers] can use equity to weigh out the interest rate [spike].”

The full article, “Too Much Money, Not Enough Deals,” was published by the Nashville Business Journal on July 21 and is available online.