If you are a Facebook user, in light of recent news related to Facebook’s practices of allowing third parties to access and use end user data without your knowledge or consent, you may be wondering whether it is time to quit Facebook for good. Fear not – you may be able to keep your account, view your niece’s baby pictures, find out what Friends character you are based on your astrological sign and still keep your data secure.

Below is a link to two articles that walk you through a few basic steps and Facebook tools that will help you (1) understand who currently has access to your data; and (2) lockdown your account so that you’re not inadvertently sharing data with unintended third parties. The first article has a short summary of how to protect your Facebook account data. The second article goes in depth on Facebook’s privacy tools and controls.

Check out our series, Privacy Perils, to learn what steps you can take to guard your personal and company data. For more information about this topic and other cyber security concerns, please contact a member of our Privacy & Data Security team.