We’ve harped on the importance of strong passwords several times (see Privacy Peril from May 2017 and June 2016), and hopefully we are all practicing those tips. Many of us have dozens of online accounts, and while it’s tempting to use the same password across the board for ease of memory, the best practice is to use a unique password for each site. However, keeping up with so many passwords can prove challenging.

If you have trouble keeping track, password management technology can help. Password managers assist users in generating, storing, retrieving and managing login details for countless online accounts. The password information is kept in an encrypted format and accessible through a master password.

While we don’t endorse any particular password manager, for recent reviews of those on the market check here for fee-based services and here for free services.

Check out our series, Privacy Perils, to learn what steps you can take to guard your personal and company data. For more information about this topic and other cyber security concerns, please contact a member of our Privacy & Data Security team.