Your passwords should always be crafted with the Golden Password Rules in mind – “unique, complex, and memorable, these three, but the greatest of these is memorable.” A quick Google search immediately returns over 49 million results on structuring a secure password. Some of these suggestions are excellent; others, not so much. We’ve compiled some of the most useful password generation tips here. Do not let it intimidate, agitate or frustrate. You have memorized the 26-character alphabet and the 33-word Pledge of Allegiance. Given a memorable teaching method, you can learn the 203 words of the most famous portion of the Declaration of Independence (“We hold these truths . . . .”). Follow the recommendations provided and you will be able to remember a 10-character password regardless of how complex and random it may appear to others. Your created passwords will be memorable because they  mean something to you, and they will be secure because they mean something only to you.

Regardless of the password creation method you choose, however, the key is to retain the same password convention. Password consistency is not the same as password uniformity.

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