Bass, Berry & Sims attorney and avid astronomer Mark Manner was profiled for an article in The Tennessean about his plans to view the upcoming total solar eclipse. Since childhood Mark has been fascinated by astronomy and in 1979, Mark traveled to Winnipeg to see his first total solar eclipse (see photo below). Since then he has traveled to Hawaii (1991) and Aruba (1998) to witness other total solar eclipses. The 2017 total solar eclipse will be in Mark’s hometown of Nashville and he is helping to educate Nashvillians on the best ways to observe this significant event. The article details Mark’s travels and includes photos from his trips and actual photos Mark has taken of total solar eclipses.

The full article, “‘Holy Moly!’ Eclipse Chaser Goes to Great Heights,” was published by The Tennessean on July 26, 2017, and is available online.

Mark Manner in 1979 seeing his first solar eclipse in Winnipeg in Canada.











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