Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Jeff Davis provided insight for an article in STAT News examining lawsuits against the federal government related to the No Surprises Act. The Act was passed in 2020 to protect patients from surprise medical bills. Provider groups have challenged the government’s implementation of one aspect of the law – the arbitration process created to settle payment disputes between payers and out-of-network providers. However, one doctor in New York claims the Act violates his constitutional right to bill patients at the value for the services he provides.

“This is a law [No Surprises Act] about consumer protections,” said Jeff. “You don’t see much pushback against what is perceived as a popular protection for insured patients.”

The full article, “The Doctor Who Is Trying to Bring Back Surprise Billing,” was published by STAT News on April 27 and is available online. You can read more about the No Surprises Act in our previous content: