On a recent episode of the Zooming Through Law School podcast, Devin Lintzenich – the director of professional development & retention at Bass, Berry & Sims – discussed the challenges and strategies for keeping associates productive and engaged during the pandemic.

During the conversation, Devin paralleled the pandemic crisis experience to the Seven Stages of Grief outlined in a March 2020 Harvard Business Review article. Devin noted that it’s important to realize how different aspects of one’s life – personal, professional – can be at different stages within the process. In terms of the professional aspects and Devin’s role at the firm, she is working with attorneys on three key issues:

  1. Ensure good health – both physical and mental.
  2. Encouraging engagement – being engaged can help process the pandemic.
  3. Inspiring pro-activity – when things feel out of control, being able to add to the solution can be something that is really empowering for people.

The full episode, “Getting Legally Skilled While Staying Safer at Home,” was released by the Zooming Through Law School podcast on May 20 and is available online or wherever you get your podcast content.