Bass, Berry & Sims Chief Strategy Officer Kerry Price and Director of Professional Development & Retention Devin Lintzenich co-authored an article for the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) outlining five effective internal communication strategies to engage associates within law firms. While the tactics shared are focused on communication, “the underlying issues it will address are culture and the proactive articulation of culture that drives associate engagement.” As the authors point out, “internal communication can connect the dots between institutional efforts toward retention and the motivational drivers that lead to job satisfaction.”

Kerry and Devin point to the five following tactics for effective communication:

  1. Establish an internal communications approach.
  2. Involve associates and the professional development team.
  3. Plan the timeline carefully.
  4. Engage a multi-channel distribution strategy.
  5. Prioritize personal connection.

The full article, “Internal Communications Done Right: 5 Tactics for Effective Engagement With Associates,” was published in the LMA magazine Strategies & Voices on April 14 and is available online. As a top viewed article on the LMA platform, this article was selected for LMA’s inaugural issue of the Strategies & Voices Year-in-Review print magazine that will be distributed at the end of 2022.