Bass, Berry & Sims attorney David Esquivel discussed how the firm is offering assistance in response to the economic downturn and resulting eviction filings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the firm’s Pro Bono Fellows program, attorney Marc Tahiry began a fellowship on August 31 as a law clerk with the Nashville General Sessions Court, dedicated to assisting judges with eviction proceedings by connecting parties to community resources and facilitating agreements that keep people in housing.

“He’s there to have another person for the judge to look to and help out in individual cases where it looks like somebody could benefit from having more attention to their case. If you’ve got 600 cases on your docket, it’s going to be harder to spend more time on the cases where something could be done. … It’s such an overwhelming circumstance. We’re hopeful we’ll be able to identify particular people and particular cases where we can make a difference,” said David, the firm’s Pro Bono Member.

The full article, “Attorneys Warn of ‘Tidal Wave’ of Evictions,” was published by the Nashville Post and Nashville Scene on September 1 and is available online. To read more about Marc’s fellowship with the Court, click here.