Steve Jasper | State & Local Tax Attorney | Bass, Berry & SimsState Tax Notes published a State Tax Spotlight of Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Steve Jasper in which colleagues, clients and government representatives discussed Steve’s career and legal approach as a trusted leader in Tennessee tax law. During the 2017 legislative session of the Tennessee General Assembly, Steve played a large role in modernizing tax laws to update Tennessee’s public utility classification, which had been outdated due to changes in the telephone industry. Joelle Phillips, the AT&T state president for Tennessee, noted that this successful resolution that satisfied several disparate parties speaks to the reputation Steve has acquired in his nearly 15 years with Bass, Berry & Sims.

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Michael Sontag echoed Joelle Phillips’ sentiment about the reputation Steve has earned, and several other professionals with whom Steve has worked shared their own personal testimony of his quality service. Jay Hancock of Ernst & Young noted that “Steve is at the cusp of becoming the preeminent SALT (State and Local Taxation) lawyer in Nashville, and maybe in Tennessee.” Richard Pomp, a law professor at the University of Connecticut, called Steve a “consummate litigator,” while Susan Courson-Smith of Pfizer noted his technical knowledge and effective written communications, saying “From working with him, I have become a better writer.”

State Tax Note’s spotlight on Steve’s career also included feedback from government officials, including Tennessee Revenue Commissioner David Gerregano who identified Steve as a practitioner that the Department of Revenue relies on when drafting regulations and legislation. Former commissioner Loren Chumley, now with KPMG, has worked with Steve both in a governmental capacity and on behalf of clients in the private sector. “I always found the issues Steve brought forward had merit,” Loren Chumley said of her time as commissioner. “That is what you are paying your lawyer to do.” In handling client matters, she notes that he is a sounding board for her when discussing income, franchise, sales and use, and other taxes – adding that she admires his ability to explain these complex subjects in simple terms to others how may be encountering them for the first time.

For the full spotlight and more information on Steve’s extensive experience, please access the PDF below.