Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Jeremy Gunn co-authored a chapter on medical monitoring classes in A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions (Third Edition) published by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Medical monitoring, which typically arises in the class action context, refers to future medical testing of a plaintiff who has not suffered a manifested injury, but who has been exposed to a hazardous substance or product and claims to be at increased risk of contracting a disease or injury. The “Medical Monitoring Classes” chapter examines the origins of medical monitoring and the underlying policy considerations, the variation of medical monitoring elements in different jurisdictions, and medical monitoring class action issues.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions also provides in-depth knowledge of the many intricacies of a class action lawsuit along with a valuable, state-by-state analysis of the ways in which the class action rules differ from the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23. The third edition of the publication features insight and discussions on:

  • Precertification
  • Ethical and practical issues of communications with members of a class
  • Interlocutory appeals
  • Settlements
  • Claims administration
  • The Class Action Fairness Act
  • Bankruptcy and class actions
  • Arbitration

A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions (Third Edition) was released in November 2021. Additional details about the publication can be found on the ABA website.