Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Audrey Anderson commented on the University of Arizona’s successful transformation to a COVID-19 vaccination site for the state. At its height, the university was vaccinating about 4,000 individuals per day through its drive-thru clinic and inside vaccination clinic. Becoming a state-wide vaccination side had its risks and challenges, including the acquisition of the necessary personal protective equipment, ensuring proper ventilation in the outdoor tented site, proper storage of the temperature-sensitive vaccines, and the timely screening of staff and volunteers, to name a few.

Audrey agreed that the liability exposure was significant, “When conducting any large mass vaccination effort, higher ed institutions need to ask themselves, ‘Do you have enough people who are medically trained enough, people who are trained to [administer] the shot?'”

Audrey went on to commend universities, like the University of Arizona, that have become vaccination sites despite many never having engaged in this type mass-scale event. “Although they are flying the plane while building it, I think that a lot of campuses have really shown that they are adept at being nimble,” she said.

The full article, “How the University of Arizona’s Stellar COVID Vaccine Distribution Site Got the Jab Done,” was published by Risk & Insurance on November 13 and is available online.