Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Thad McBride and Cheryl Palmeri authored an article regarding U.S. sanctions compliance best practices. In the article, Thad and Cheryl address:

  • Who is subject to U.S. sanctions;
  • Who is targeted by U.S. sanctions;
  • What actions are prohibited with sanctioned parties;
  • How to apply for authorization to perform prohibited activities;
  • The penalties that can be imposed for U.S. sanctions violations; and
  • Best practices for complying with U.S. sanctions.

The full article, “Understanding and Complying with OFAC Regulations,” was published by Lexis Practice Advisor® and is available in the PDF below. This article appeared as part of a series of practice notes authored by Thad and Cheryl for Lexis Practice Advisor®; other articles included: