Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Clint Hermes discussed the role Tennessee will play in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan. Tennessee was among four states chosen to help the company work out issues ahead of national distribution of the vaccine. The four states – Rhode Island, Texas, New Mexico and Tennessee – were chosen due to varying demographics, such as size, diversity, population, socioeconomic levels and others.

Asked about ethical issues with public trust in the vaccine, Clint said “It’s not an ethical concern per se, but we are going to be distributing the first doses through emergency-use authorization in 2020, which has been a hyper-politicized environment, when trust in institutions is already low.”

The full article, “What Pfizer Can Learn in Tennessee When it Comes to Vaccine Rollout,” was published by The Daily Memphian on November 18 and is available online (subscription required).