Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Audrey Anderson discussed the ongoing efforts to remove race from the college admissions process in a September 15 article by Bloomberg News.

Four different universities, public and private, are locked into challenges to their race-conscious admission processes. Notably, the Trump administration has threatened suit against Yale for its admission practices, and on Wednesday, September 16, Harvard enters its next round of a legal battle in federal appeals court with an organization alleging discrimination against Asian-American applicants. The University of North Carolina and the University of Texas also have lawsuits pending against them.

With four challenges in four states, Audrey suggests that conflicting rulings from different appeals courts would make a Supreme Court Review more likely. “That’s what they want,” she said. “They want it to go to the Supreme Court because the Justices who upheld affirmative action are not on the court anymore.”

The full article, “Harvard and Yale Face Broad Attack on Race-Conscious Admissions,” was published by Bloomberg News on September 15 and is available online.