Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Jeff Davis was quoted in an article published by Bloomberg Law examining the new proposed rule to reimburse $9 billion to hospitals that participate in the 340B drug pricing program. The reimbursement could be offset by future payment reductions in other areas.

When asked about the reimbursement proposal, Jeff said “There’s a different lump-sum payment amount for every hospital, but if they’re going to get a reduction in payment in future years for non-drug services, what the net result of that will be at the end of the day will be different for each hospital. For some hospitals that may fall short—that may take away from the repayment,”

The full article, “HHS $9 Billion Drug Discount Fix Falls Short for Some Hospitals,” was published by Bloomberg Law on July 11 and is available online. Jeff also wrote extensively on this topic in the alert, “CMS Proposes $9 Billion Refund to 340B Hospitals and Reductions in Future Payments to All Hospitals for Non-Drug Services.”