Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Matt Curley provided comments for an article detailing False Claims Act (FCA) investigations and recoveries during the past year within the behavioral health industry. As Matt points out in the article, “It’s [an area] we’re keeping an eye on. It’s fair to say that enforcement actions and recoveries regarding behavioral health providers are becoming increasingly significant components of the government’s overall enforcement efforts.”

The article highlighted several notable 2019 settlements within the industry and key risk areas for behavioral health providers.

“We certainly expect that the government’s enforcement efforts will remain robust and that whistleblowing activity will continue,” Matt said. “Having a robust compliance program is a critical first step for behavioral health providers to make sure that they’re well positioned if and when they face a government investigation or a whistleblower lawsuit.”

The full article, “Providers Beware: Behavioral Health Fraud Investigations, Recoveries on the Rise,” was published by Behavioral Health Business on February 21 and is available online.