Matt Curley | Lisa Rivera | FCA Enforcement Related to Hurricane Relief ContractorsBass, Berry & Sims attorneys Matt Curley and Lisa Rivera discussed the expectation of heightened scrutiny among federal contractors providing relief in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. With billions of dollars available for relief efforts, the government will apply the False Claims Act (FCA) regulations to combat fraud and ensure funds are being applied appropriately.

“Any time there is a significant disbursement of federal funds following a natural disaster, there is the very real possibility of an uptick in civil actions alleging violations of the False Claims Act and criminal actions alleging various types of fraudulent activity,’” said Matt. He further speculates that companies “should expect heightened scrutiny and should take proactive steps to ensure compliance with the obligations and requirements associated with the receipt of those funds, which may include ensuring accurate documentation of the work performed.”

“Photographs and other forms of documentation are important to gather and maintain” if the government, perhaps years later, investigates whether a contractor followed through with its certifications, recommended Lisa, who as a former federal prosecutor prosecuted fraud cases following hurricane relief efforts.

The full article, “Hurricane Relief Contractors Can Expect More Fraud Scrutiny,” was published by BNA’s Federal Contracts Report on September 12, 2017.