Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Shayne Clinton contributed content to the Lex Mundi Attorney-Client Privilege Guide for General Counsel that outlines what constitutes attorney-client privilege in over 65 common and civil law jurisdictions around the world. The guide covers the following topics: privilege in corporations; litigation funding; crime-fraud exception; work product doctrine/litigation privilege and other privileges, including accountant-client privilege, mediation privilege and settlement negotiation privilege.

Shayne contributed content and answered nearly 20 questions related to attorney-client privilege issues in Tennessee, such as:

  • In the corporate context, what test is applied to determine who within a corporation is considered the client for the purposes of the attorney-client privilege?
  • Is in-house counsel expected to meet a higher burden than outside counsel in order to establish that the attorney-client privilege applies to in-house counsel’s communications?
  • How is the common interest doctrine articulated in Tennessee?
  • Must a common interest agreement be in writing in Tennessee?
  • Is litigation funding permitted in Tennessee?
  • Does Tennessee recognize an accountant-client privilege?

This Lex Mundi Attorney-Client Privilege Guide for General Counsel is the only complimentary guide available on the market that allows users to compare the law of privilege between and among common law and civil law jurisdictions in a side-by-side custom report.

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