Kerry Price – the chief strategy officer at Bass, Berry & Sims – was interviewed for an article in the Nashville Business Journal about the current law firm landscape in Nashville. With several outside firms establishing a presence in the city during the past several years and other law firm merger activity, Kerry shared why Bass, Berry & Sims is committed to remain independent. Importantly, Bass, Berry & Sims blends an ideal mix of practice areas with national prestige (such as private equity and healthcare) and subjects that are pivotal to the firm’s Tennessee clients (she cited real estate, government relations and economic development). Kerry said “[Our strategy is] working for us. That’s the path we are on, and we are going to take that forward.”

In 2022, the firm celebrated its 100th anniversary, something unique in today’s legal industry. “Firms like ours are becoming increasingly rare,” Kerry said. “We hope to use that to our competitive advantage.”

To read more of Kerry’s interview that was published January 17 by the Nashville Business Journal, click here (subscription required).