As wise employers have recently detected a convergence of factors that could lead to an increase in union organizing efforts amid the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Tim Garrett authored an article for BenefitsPRO discussing effective responses for employers when pushes for unionization arise.

“An employer’s most effective tools against union organizing – whether in a pandemic or not – are credibility, transparency, and empathy with its workforce,” Tim said. “Employers should use these tools – not primarily because the tools help the employer remain union-free (although that is an added benefit) – but rather because the tools primarily help foster a healthy, committed, team-oriented workforce where job security and job satisfaction generally get high marks.”

Communication and understanding are key to determining a response to a desire and attempts to unionize. In the article, Tim provided specific response strategies to address some of the top factors that contribute to unionization efforts today, which are the demand for job security under greater economic unrest, demand for higher pay and healthcare benefits, and safety issues relating to workplace protections and the availability to personal protection equipment (PPE).

The full article, “Effective Response to Possible Union Organizing Efforts Post-Pandemic,” was published by BenefitsPro on November 12 and is available online.