Bass, Berry & Sims’ current and former managing partners Todd Rolapp and Keith Simmons (respectively) provided comments for a profile about Kinika Young, a former member at the firm, and her transition from law practice to nonprofit director. Kinika left the firm in March 2017 to work as the Tennessee Justice Center’s first Director of Children’s Health, a position dedicated to ensuring Tennessee children have access to healthcare. While many were surprised with Kinika’s departure after 10 years with the firm, this new role is aligned with her passion. “If she was ever going to leave, it was for something like that. When you talked to her about those kind of issues you could tell she was sincerely passionate. If someone had asked me to predict (why) she would ever leave, this would be what I would have predicted,” said Todd in the article.

The full article, “From Law Partner to Nonprofit: Election Spurs One Woman to Fight for Kids’ Health Care,” was published by The Tennessean on June 11, 2017, and is available online.