Cross-Disciplinary Team of Attorneys Provide Ongoing Updates on Latest Developments Focused on Healthcare Fraud & Abuse and Government Contracting Procurement Fraud

Inside the FCA blogNashville, Tenn. (March 16, 2016) – Bass, Berry & Sims PLC announces the launch of its new blog, Inside the FCA, which will provide ongoing updates related to the False Claims Act (FCA), including insight on the latest legal decisions, regulatory developments and FCA settlements. The launch of the blog, available here, coincides with the release of the firm’s annual “Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Review 2015,” which is among the most comprehensive reports on noteworthy healthcare fraud developments during the previous year.

“The FCA is the primary civil enforcement tool for the federal government in combating fraud and abuse with respect to federal programs and government contractors,” said Brian D. Roark, head of the firm’s Healthcare Fraud Task Force. “The stakes have never been higher for companies dealing with the federal government, particularly given the risk of massive judgments and reputational damage stemming from FCA investigations and litigation. Inside the FCA will serve as a valuable resource that will provide ongoing guidance and the latest updates for organizations and individuals facing possible FCA issues.”

Inside the FCA focuses on providing timely updates for corporate boards, directors, compliance managers, general counsel and other parties interested in the organizational impact and legal developments stemming from issues potentially giving rise to FCA liability. Bass, Berry & Sims’ experienced team of attorneys work to provide an up-to-date understanding of compliance strategies, practical tips in handling internal and government investigations, coverage of the latest legal strategies and an analysis of defenses to FCA claims.

“The federal government undoubtedly will continue to rely on the FCA as its chief means of combating fraud and abuse among healthcare providers and federal contractors,” said Matthew M. Curley, a Healthcare Fraud Task Force member. “With the massive increase in FCA whistleblower lawsuits asserting FCA claims, it is essential that companies maintain comprehensive compliance programs and track FCA developments to ensure identification of all relevant areas of risk.”

The blog’s cross-disciplinary roster of authors includes attorneys from the firm’s Compliance & Government Investigations and Government Contracts Practice Groups, as well as the firm’s Healthcare Fraud and Government Procurement Fraud Task Forces. Many of those attorneys have worked with various government enforcement agencies including the Criminal Fraud Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, various U.S. Attorneys’ Offices throughout the United States and the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office.

Inside the FCA complements the firm’s Government Contracts & International Trade Blog, available here. The firm’s recently released “Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Review 2015“.

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