Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Wally Dietz and Lindsey Fetzer authored an article for Global Trade outlining the worldwide implications that can be learned from the recent Rolls-Royce international anti-corruption investigation and ultimate resolution. In January 2017, Rolls-Royce agreed to pay nearly $800 million related to bribery allegations in the United Kingdom, United States and Brazil. According to Wally and Lindsey, there are three key takeaways that can be learned from the Rolls-Royce situation that are outlined in the article:

  1. Anti-corruption enforcement is more than the FCPA.
  2. Regulators are increasingly focused on accounting and internal controls.
  3. Third parties continue to present significant business risk.

The full article, “The Rolls-Royce Treatment: Global Bribery Demands Global Solutions,” was published by Global Trade on March 29, 2017, and is available online.