1.Tell us about your practice.

My healthcare practice is currently very diverse, allowing me to gain experience in many healthcare-related matters, including compliance, regulatory, and M&A issues.

2. Why did you choose to pursue a career in the legal field?

A career in the legal field has always intrigued me. Not having any lawyers in my family, I sought out opportunities in high school and college to work at law firms and learn from the attorneys there, which helped to solidify my decision to go to law school. Since then, I have been exposed to such an array of practice areas and learned from so many of the field’s brightest minds that my interest in the legal field and desire to pursue the intellectual challenges it presents has only heightened with time.

3. Prior to joining the firm, you had the opportunity to serve as a law clerk for two different judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. How did this experience prepare you for practicing law?

Two years of circuit clerkships has given me the opportunity to spend time honing my research, writing, communication, and problem-solving abilities prior to entering practice. A judicial clerkship naturally exposes law clerks to a wide variety of highly intelligent individuals with an even wider range of views, interests, and belief systems, which I think has prepared me to work effectively and collegially with almost anyone. Clerking also required me to frequently progress from knowing nearly nothing about a subject matter, to becoming proficient enough about the issue to render a knowledgeable and coherent recommendation to my judge in a short period of time, which will hopefully be great preparation for the expansive and ever-evolving practice of healthcare law.