Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Emily Burrows and Thad McBride authored an article published by emphasizing the significance of incorporating specific international standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001 for data security and ISO 9001 for quality management, into contractual agreements when dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) and international trade. Emily and Thad discussed how this integration can help manage AI effectively, minimize risks, increase transparency, and foster trust among the parties involved.

The authors brought to the forefront the importance of the European Union’s AI Act and the evolving landscape of international trade laws and regulations on cross-border transactions. It also highlights essential terms and considerations for businesses to adhere to AI-related laws and regulations across different jurisdictions.

The article also underscored the criticality of international trade provisions that should be part of contracts. These provisions ensure compliance with export controls, economic sanctions, import controls, and anti-bribery laws in cross-border business dealings.

“Ensuring compliance with diverse AI-related laws and regulations while contracting across different jurisdictions requires careful attention to regulatory requirements and proactive risk management strategies,” Emily and Thad noted.

The full article, “Incorporating International Standards Into Contracts,” was published by on June 17 and is available online.