Bass, Berry & Sims partnered again with the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association (TECA) to update the Tennessee General Assembly for 2022. The Tennessee General Assembly app features a continually updated, searchable database of contact, staff and committee information as well as district maps, photos, leadership roles and social media profiles for members of the Tennessee House and Senate. It also contains information on the governor and his cabinet and the Tennessee congressional delegation. This helpful tool allows users to stay informed of legislative developments and connect with lawmakers.

TECA has published an annual directory of the General Assembly for more than 50 years. Several years ago, TECA partnered with Bass, Berry & Sims to develop a mobile app that allows individuals to identify and connect with lawmakers and monitor the activities at the state Capitol. The 112th Tennessee General Assembly convened for its second session on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. During this year’s session, lawmakers will consider legislation that can have an impact on Tennessee families and businesses. The app will help Tennesseans stay informed and, as needed, connect constituents with their elected officials.

The free app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and can be found by searching for “Tennessee General Assembly” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Marketplace.