Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Jeff Davis will be speaking at a webinar titled Overview and Impact Assessment: CMS Remedy for 340B Payment Policy.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

Overview: This webinar will offer a discussion of the CMS Final Rule implementing a remedy for the 340B Program underpayments found unlawful by the Supreme Court. The speakers will provide an overview of the history of the Medicare payment policy, including the initial policy implemented in 2018, legal challenges to the payment policy, court decisions addressing the policy and the legal/operational impacts of the final remedy on both 340B and non-340B hospitals. The impact will be far reaching, and questions are sure to remain for hospital legal counsel, compliance team members and finance departments alike.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the key elements and provisions within the CMS Final Rule designed to rectify Medicare’s 340B payment policy.
  • Analyze the historical development of Medicare’s payment policy for 340B hospitals and the legal challenges associated with the policy.
  • Examine and compare the effects of the 340B payment policy remedy on 340B and non-340B hospitals.