Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Jeff Davis will be speaking at a webinar titled Navigating Hospital Price Transparency: Recent Developments and Future Outlook.

The presentation will highlight the following:

Overview: In this webinar, presenters provide an in-depth examination of the CMS hospital price transparency regulations. These regulations require hospitals to make available a machine-readable file that includes standard charges and an easily understandable display of shopable services, which encompasses negotiated rates with payers and other vital data elements. Our presenters discuss the most recent enforcement actions taken by CMS to address non-compliance issues, as well as rule updates that have introduced more stringent penalties for non-compliance. Additionally, we explore bipartisan efforts in Congress aimed at strengthening price transparency regulations and offer insights into how the landscape of price transparency for hospitals may evolve moving forward, including changes currently proposed or finalized by CMS.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain an understanding of CMS hospital price transparency regulations and their complex compliance requirements, such as the necessity to publish a machine-readable file of standard charges and an easily understandable display of shoppable services or Price Estimator Tool.
  • Explore recent developments in hospital price transparency rules and examine the most current enforcement measures applied to hospitals for non-compliance.
  • Assess the recent actions taken by Congress aimed at strengthening price transparency rules and consider the potential implications and future direction in this area.