Matt Curley | Anna Grizzle | Elizabeth Warren | Brian Roark | Tennessee Bar Association | Health Law ForumBass, Berry & Sims attorneys Matthew Curley, Anna Grizzle and Elizabeth Warren will speak at the annual Health Law Forum, hosted by the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA). Brian Roark will provide opening remarks as the TBA Health Law Section Chair and conference program producer. Matt will speak on the topic of “Update on Fraud and Abuse Development.” Attorney Anna Grizzle will co-present “Defending Physician Compensation Arrangements in Current Enforcement Environment,” with LifePoint Health’s Tizgel High and Health Care Appraisers’ Chip Hutzler. Also Elizabeth Warren will provide a HIPAA regulatory update with Regional Care’s Stephen Page.

The event will be held October 5-6, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in Franklin, Tennessee.