Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Audrey Anderson discussed the growing number of class action lawsuits filed against colleges and universities seeking refunds for tuition costs. The parents and students filing the lawsuits claim the tuition paid was for the in-person learning experience and online learning is not the equivalent – entitling the tuition payers to a refund. Courts are now left to determine the validity of these claims which are  complicated by the contracts between students and the colleges which typically do not address refunds in these type of circumstances.  However, “even if there is such a policy, typical contract language would expressly say students aren’t entitled to refunds,” added Audrey.

Audrey clarified “The whole fight in these cases is going to be whether or not the plaintiffs can get class-action status. Because if they can’t get a class certified, the lawyers aren’t going to be interested in representing the plaintiffs anymore anyway.”

The full article, “Will Lawsuits for Tuition Refunds Succeed? It Depends, Experts Say,” was published by Education Dive on May 19 and is available online.