Helpful Privacy Tips When Working from Home

As many of us are now quarantined and working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, remote Wi-Fi network security becomes especially important. Although said many times, it bears repeating – change your default Wi-Fi router password to one that is memorable but complex. Default router passwords are easily obtainable through a quick Google search. If you stand outside your residence (and sometimes even inside) and search for a Wi-Fi network, undoubtedly you will see several belonging to your neighbors as much as a hundred yards away. Conversely, if you can detect their networks, they can detect yours. More concerning, so can those war-driving, war-walking or war-jogging through your neighborhood searching for unsecure home Wi-Fi. Changing your router’s default password is vital to prevent these attacks. Fortunately, providers typically offer straightforward instructions on how to do so (e.g., AT&T, Xfinity).

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