Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Roy Wyman was interviewed for an article about the two new state consumer privacy bills recently passed by the legislatures in Montana and Tennessee. With the addition of these two laws, if signed, there will now be nearly 10 state privacy laws passed since 2020 intended to protect consumers’ data online. While there is some commonality among the bills across state lines, each state has nuanced stipulations that will make compliance for companies doing business nationwide challenging and expensive.

As Roy pointed out for the article, California and other states have downplayed just how expensive it will be to comply with these laws. There are companies that will spend millions of dollars just for compliance with California.

The full article, “Tennessee, Montana to Enact Comprehensive Consumer Privacy Bills,” was published by Adweek on May 1 and is available online (subscription required). For a deep analysis about the Tennessee Information Protection Act, read the alert co-authored by Roy that is available here.