Kerry Price, the firm’s chief strategy officer, discussed the Nashville legal market and Bass, Berry & Sims’ leadership as a homegrown, national firm for a “Market Focus” published by ALM’s  Mid-Market Report. The article was also republished in The American Lawyer.

Law firms across the country have taken an interest in Nashville due to the booming economy, but they have had little success due to the existing services from and relationships with homegrown firms, like Bass, Berry & Sims.

“It’s known that firms have been looking at Nashville, and that objective has gone largely unrealized,” Kerry said. Despite some moves from large law firms to enter the Nashville market, the tight knit community has not been an easy market to infiltrate. “We know who we are. We have these very strong relationships.”

While the story acknowledged that Bass, Berry & Sims largely competes with firms located outside the market, Kerry added that smaller firms in the city all have their niche that they excel at, and Nashville is a place where relationships matter.

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