Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Thad McBride provided insight for an article in Law360 examining the impacts that the Russian invasion in Ukraine is having on supply chain issues, with a focus on the federal contractor sector. Although Russia is not a major trade partner with the United States, the sanctions issued by the United States and other countries have impacted the global supply chain of goods, with the technology sector particularly affected.

Speaking of the impact of the sanctions, Thad said, “You do have a decent number of U.S. companies that get a lot of inputs from Russia and Russian suppliers. And now that’s gotten much harder.” He added, “Some U.S. companies have decided to stop doing business in Russia altogether, even if that affects their supply chains, deciding that the compliance issues and reputational risks aren’t worth it.”

The full article, “Contractors Feel Impact of Russia Trade Disruptions,” was published by Law360 on April 6 and is available online.