Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Heather Pearson was featured in Washington Lawyer, published by the DC Bar, discussing how the firm has supported her growth and the development of her practice since day one in an article entitled, “Welcome to Law Practice: New Attorneys Learn the Ropes.”

“This was a conversation right from the get-go,” remarked Heather. “I never felt like I had to wait to build the legal career of my dreams.”

Heather joined the firm post-pandemic and noted how the traditional law firm paradigm had shifted. “Some lament the change, but I think it is a really incredible opportunity to get in at the ground floor of shaping the new firm work culture,” she said.

The firm of over 350 attorneys in Tennessee and Washington, D.C. puts an emphasis on integrating junior attorneys and setting them up with training and mentorship opportunities that aid in professional development and allow them to form bonds with their colleagues. “We’re on the same team, and we want the same goals,” emphasized Heather. “They’re buying into me like I’m buying into them.”

Bass, Berry & Sims has also developed an Associates Committee that serves to allow junior attorneys to chat with and get feedback from senior partners and firm leaders. Heather shared about her experience with this Committee, saying, “It’s a good opportunity to go around, check in with my colleagues, and ask. ‘Alright, what’s going on, what can I bring up? What challenges are you facing?’”

Heather encouraged fellow junior attorneys to connect with members of their firm and take on an active role in development opportunities and committees. “You have more control in contributing to the culture and future of the firm than you may think,” she stressed.

The full article, “Welcome to Law Practice: New Attorneys Learn the Ropes,” was published in the July/August issue of Washington Lawyer and is available online.