In a Law360 article analyzing last year’s False Claims Act (FCA) recoveries, Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Matt Curley discussed how healthcare providers and the government adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in working to resolve FCA matters.

“Parties working to finalize FCA settlements with the government in the midst of the pandemic really had no idea what the next day would bring from an operational standpoint,” Matt told Law360. “Fortunately, the government showed an understanding of those concerns and demonstrated some real flexibility in working to finalize FCA settlements, which helped move them along to completion.”

The article projects a busy 2021 in terms of FCA litigation stemming from government spending related to COVID-19 relief programs and a record number of newly-filed FCA cases.

The full article, “Raucous 2021 Awaits FCA Litigants After Low-Key Year,” was published by Law360 on January 22 and is available online.