Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Elizabeth Warren provided insight on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by issuing waivers and guidance under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor act (EMTALA), which ensures access to emergency medical care regardless of ability to pay. One of the aspects recently announced by CMS involves signage in emergency rooms directing patients to off-site testing for COVID-19. “If you’re reading the guidance, you might worry ‘Well, how do I word the sign? Does that got too far?'” said Elizabeth. “EMTALA is a tricky statute to deal with because they often make these very technical distinctions.”

The full article, “Hospitals Attempt to Navigate Sea of Emergency Room Rule Changes,” was published on April 7 by Bloomberg Law and is available online. To read more about the recent waivers issued by CMS related to EMTALA, click here.