Bass, Berry & Sims, in conjunction with the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association, released updates to the 109th Tennessee General Assembly app. This mobile app features contact information for the 109th Tennessee General Assembly and is designed to help Tennessee residents connect with their legislators and it contains detailed and searchable contact, staff and committee information for Tennessee representatives and senators.

As Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Dick Lodge points out in The Tennessean article, “[t]he app is ideal for anyone who wants to monitor the activities at the state Capitol and is designed to be the best reference possible for those who are interested in or work with Tennessee legislators.” The full article, “General Assembly Phone App Available,” was published by The Tennessean on January 8, 2016 and is available online.

The Tennessee General Assembly app features:

  • a functional database of the members of the Tennessee Congressional delegation
  • a functional database of all state Senate and House members and Governor Haslam and his administration
  • contact, staff and committee information
  • fast and easy search function
  • one-click call or e-mail ability

The $.99 app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices in Apple’s App Store or Google PLAY Marketplace.