We are assisting the Town of Smyrna, Tennessee with two industries’ significant and continuing violations of their wastewater permit and the Town’s wastewater ordinance. Our environmental team interviewed key witnesses; reviewed numerous documents; prepared witnesses to testify at hearings; researched applicable federal, state and local law; conducted negotiations; drafted consent agreements that resulted in one of the industries agreeing to install a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment system; and coordinated with the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation to ensure their agreement with the course of action. We also have drafted revisions to the Town’s Sewer Use Ordinance to strengthen the Town’s ability to enforce the ordinance against industrial users in the future. Our team drafted enforcement orders, prepared witnesses for hearings on the matter, and ultimately conducted the negotiations that hopefully have concluded the matter.

Smyrna is a town in Rutherford County, Tennessee founded in 1855.