On behalf of our client, HID Global, a global manufacturer of identity protection and security products and solutions, we filed two pre-award bid protests in different forums that resulted in corrective action in our client’s favor.

First, we filed a pre-award bid protest at the GAO challenging the terms of a Department of State (DoS) for passport card stock alleging that the DoS unreasonably restricted competition to small businesses. Shortly after the protest was filed, the SBA DoS announced it was taking corrective action. Specifically, that it would cancel the solicitation, conduct market research, review the DoS’s requirement, and issue a new solicitation. Our client will now have an opportunity to bid for the DoS procurement.

Second, we filed a pre-award “business disagreement” at the United States Postal Service (USPS), challenging the terms of a solicitation to provide an enterprise biometric management solution to the USPS. We alleged that the solicitation contained requirements that were not reasonably related to the USPS’s needs, including a security clearance requirement and use of certain patented technology. USPS offered to resolve the protest via the USPS’ alternative dispute resolution procedures, which we elected, and secured a resolution that resulted in an amendment to the solicitation removing the restrictive terms.